$ 1.3 million invested locally through the new Northern Ontario Resource Development Fund


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The Ontario government provides $ 15 million per year to municipalities in Northern Ontario to help them support infrastructure projects over the next five years.

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The new Northern Ontario Resource Development Support Fund (NORDS) will share the benefits of mining and forestry with municipalities and complement existing sources of funding for infrastructure construction.

NORDS is part of the government’s Build Ontario plan, a comprehensive plan to build public transit, health, education, technology, and municipal and community infrastructure across the province.

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said $ 1,281,620 of NORDS funding will be distributed to the Nipissing District.

North Bay will receive $ 400,000, and surrounding communities will receive the following amount:

  • East Ferris $ 128,416,
  • Callander $ 115,142
  • Powassan $ 103,600,
  • Nipissing $ 97,685,
  • Bonfield $ 90,326,
  • Mattawa $ 87,693,
  • Chisholm $ 74,203,
  • Papineau-Cameron $ 69,947,
  • $ 60,352
  • Mattawan $ 54,256.

“Our government’s new NORDS fund will help municipalities in the region address unique local challenges and support long-term sustainable growth for residents and businesses,” Fedeli said.

“NORDS will support the economic development of our region and create favorable conditions for businesses to prosper, develop and create good jobs. “

Municipalities are encouraged to submit their projects for funding when the program opens on December 7th.

“NORDS funding is welcome. This will help communities deal with their affected road systems, ”said Danny Whalen, president of the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities.

“We were delighted to work with ministry staff and help develop this new funding stream. We are grateful that the Ford government has listened to our members and provided them with much-needed financial assistance. “

All 144 municipalities in Northern Ontario will be eligible for NORDS funding, with allocations determined based on the number of households in each municipality.


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