3 Egyptian startups among 12 MENA companies at Techstars Riyad 2022


The Techstars Riyadh Accelerator started in early November in Saudi Arabia. 12 companies from Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region are participating. Companies represent innovation in the 6 sectors of EdTech, Logistics and FinTech, and more. Shortlisted companies receive $ 120,000 in addition to hands-on mentoring and access to the Techstars network.

The program is organized in partnership between MCIT and Raed Ventures which will develop the startup ecosystem and stimulate innovation across the region. MCIT is now a leader in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech sector – guided by a vision of 2030. Raed Ventures mission is to invest in innovative regional founding groups where their regional expertise helps them. to navigate these markets.

The three Egyptian startups that participated are cloud-based point-of-sale retail management platform Tegarti, appointment booking for Glamera beauty services, and organization software for planning, launch , management and evaluation of online innovation and talent acquisition programs Untap.

Other MENA startups participating in the 13-week program teach AlGooru Network Market App, Autobia Digitized Parts Trading Platform, Online Pharmacy Shopping Startup Dawafast, Interactive Online Platform and live for children Gaga, the alternative savings platform Hakbah, foodtech Jalebi, Meat-O -Porte which allows butchers to connect with meat lovers, Onex Medical and Torod. The demonstration day of February 17, 2022 will mark the highlight of the program.


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