54 companies backed by Venture Catalysts exceed $50 million valuation


India’s leading integrated incubator and comprehensive investor for early-stage companies, Venture Catalysts Group (Vcats++), has revealed that around 54 of its portfolio companies have passed a valuation of $50 million this year.

Despite harsh conditions that have seen investment drop 70% this year, Venture Catalysts has grown significantly, hosting over 33 soonicorns and over 100 minicorns. At least twenty companies have been valued at over $100 million each, and in the past year three startups, Shiprocket, BharatPe and Vendantu, have become unicorns.

Venture Catalaysts Group or Vcats++ is an early-stage growth fund that includes five funds ranging from early-stage to sector-focused).

The company first launched its $150 million accelerator fund in 2020, after which it launched four more, including the Venture Catalysts Angel Fund, a $200 million fintech-focused fund called Beams. , proptech fund Spyre, and $200 million growth-stage independent fund Elev8.

The group has a combined portfolio of more than 300 startups with a consolidated valuation pegged at around $10 billion, making it the largest early-stage investment platform in the country.

“Valuations are gaining momentum at a time when fears around a potential funding winter continue to scare off investors and startups not just in India but across the globe. It speaks volumes about the growth and portfolio company rounds. Most of our portfolios have done extremely well over the past two years and we see at least 3-4 becoming unicorns next year,” said Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, co-founder of Venture Catalysts Group.

Venture Catalysts has invested in 301 deals in 200 startups since its inception, making it the leading startup investment platform in India.

The company has made seed investments worth $100 million (about INR 782.4 crore) through its network.

Out of 67 startups, 94 deals were executed, 27 of which resulted in partial or full exits, while the rest witnessed upsides. Corresponding to 17 deals, 13 startups were delisted due to inability to recover assets, or received less than 1x the return.

The integrated incubator has made pre-seed, seed and Series A investments in entrepreneurs with strong value propositions, and supported its portfolio in subsequent rounds. BharatPe, Vedantu, Zingbus, Beardo, SuprDaily, Innov8, Home Capital and BlowHorn are some of the biggest companies in its portfolio.

Venture Catalysts has the largest network in the country, with over 3,000 angel investors spread across 55 cities, and it has helped raise awareness for seed investing through its well-designed masterclasses and personalized startup programs.


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