Adirondack IT Solutions Receives NASA Funding


FRANKFURT — NASA has selected hundreds of small companies and dozens of research institutes to develop technology that will contribute to the future of space exploration, ranging from new sensors and electronics to new types of software and materials. peak. Recently awarded projects under the agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program also include a high-power electric rocket and coating to make solar panels more efficient that could be used at both in space and here on Earth.

Prizes total nearly $50 million, with investments spread across 39 states and Washington. Under the selection, 333 proposals from 257 small businesses and 41 research institutes, including 10 minority-serving institutions, will receive first-round funding for technology development.

Adirondack IT Solutions in Frankfort was one of several companies chosen to receive funding from the Small Business Innovation Research program, where each company receives $150,000.

I am pleased to announce that our team at Adirondack IT Solutions, LLC has been selected for a 2022 NASA SBIR Phase 1 award based on the proposal we submitted for the Cognitive Communications subtopic titled Reactive Routing: Harnessing Advanced Software Modems,” said Ronny L Bull, Owner, Chief Scientist and Principal Consultant
at Adirondack IT Solutions.

Adirondack IT Solutions offers computer consulting, computer network and systems engineering, and security auditing services, as well as custom software development services for businesses, organizations, schools, universities, and businesses. local government agencies. With funding from NASA, they will work to develop new autonomous routing techniques for interplanetary communications.

The company hopes to succeed with its phase one funding and research so it can receive phase two funding and potentially partner with larger organizations like SpaceX and Amazon.

NASA’s investments in America’s small businesses and research institutions help provide the innovations needed for the exciting and ambitious missions on the agency’s horizon and foster strong business and technology sectors.

“NASA is working on ambitious and game-changing missions that require innovative solutions from a variety of sources, especially from our small businesses,” said Pam Melroy, NASA Deputy Administrator. “Small businesses have the creative edge and expertise to help our agency solve our common and complex challenges, and they are essential to maintaining NASA’s leadership in space. The SBIR program is one of primary means by which we achieve this, while creating jobs in a growing and sustainable space economy.


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