AEX Receives $700,000 in Control Systems Funding through the IIJA


ALEXANDRIA, Louisiana (KALB) – Another round of funding has been launched for Alexandria International Airport, which is now set to receive $700,000 from the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act (IIJA).

The funds were directed towards the replacement of AEX’s air traffic control equipment, which was installed in 2006 during the construction of the original terminal and tower.

AEX applied for the funds through the FAA’s Competitive Contract Power Grant Program, where $20 million was allocated by the IIJA.

“With any technology, you know the technology is always improving,” said Scott Gammel, deputy director of AEX. “So we want to make sure we stay up to speed and provide the safest equipment possible for our traveling public.”

In total, AEX received over $2 million from the legislation. The first tranche of funding, in the amount of $1.6 million, was received in December 2021.

“You can’t let your small communities wither. You have to help your small communities grow,” said Senator Bill Cassidy, author of the bipartisan legislation. “This airport is the doorstep that people cross when they decide to invest somewhere. A company can choose based on an airport.

So far, Louisiana airports have received approximately $44 million in funds, which will continue to be distributed over the next three years, as well as funds for infrastructure improvements such as sewers, roads and the high debit.

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