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Launch of the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation to develop the human resource potential of communities

Accra 11 October 2022 – The Afetsi Awoonor Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing Ghana’s human resource potential, to create a stable and cohesive society through self-sufficient individuals, has been launched.

The Foundation aims to ensure that the average Ghanaian is economically self-sufficient and able to participate in the development of Ghana and the continent.

The founder of the Foundation, Mr. Afetsi Awoonor, said “we believe that a country is best served with a resilient, healthy, capable and functional human resource base”.

He noted that the Foundation was established to improve the lives of people in rural communities, through the provision of business infrastructure, finance, social support and youth development.

Making communities feel empowered and giving their natives a stake in its development is at the heart of the Foundation’s supportive programming, not only to solve problems, but to develop sustainable solutions and programs, in collaboration with the leaders of the respective communities.

In the area of ​​entrepreneurial incubation, the Foundation will provide strategic training models and support systems that transform beneficiaries, mainly women and young people, into effective and successful entrepreneurs.

“We intend to achieve this through seed funding, mentorship and skills development for over 300 young people each year,” Mr. Awoonor said.

As part of its Water for Humanity initiative, the Foundation will work with community leaders and institutions to improve access to clean water in rural communities.

From its first project in 2010 to date, the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation continues to harness community engagement and renewable energy in the development of solar-powered boreholes for communities that lack access to clean water. .

The Foundation has already strengthened the delivery of quality primary health care in rural communities, through the provision of consumables and hospital equipment to enable rapid first aid and stabilization of patients in rural health centers.

“We have donated medical equipment to four community health care centers in Ketu North, to help provide first aid and emergency response, and continue to identify other recipients for further donations” , said Mr. Awoonor.

The Foundation also pivots to prepare rural communities for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ensuring that technology is at the forefront of their solutions.

With the future being technology, the Foundations Tech Hub provides a friendly ecosystem where young tech talent is trained, nurtured and supported to create technology-based solutions to problems facing rural communities.

The founder is also deeply aware of the marginalization of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and is committed to prioritizing the education of young girls.

Mr. Awoonor said that “in the first year of operation of our Tech Hub, we aim to train at least 500 young people”.

“We partner with schools, religious organizations and community leaders to deliver strategic mentoring programs, workshops and seminars that help shape and improve the mindset of young people, as well as develop skills insights that will turn them into visionaries and great leaders,” he said. .

“Our annual ‘NUTOAMENENYO HOWLIWLI’ football tournament harnesses, develops and promotes sports talents, while promoting unity and peace among communities.”

The Afetsi Awoonor Foundation is an ambitious and commendable initiative of a dynamic young community builder, Afetsi Awoonor, who is determined to ensure that development and prosperity become the mainstay of the Volta region.


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