anywell exits Stealth with $15 million in funding to help companies transition to a hybrid future of work


TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — anywaythe Workspace-as-a-Service company, which is reinventing the hybrid working model, came out of stealth mode today to announce that it has raised a $10M Series A and rolled out its offer in new York and Israel. The Series A trick, plus an undisclosed precedent $5 million The round was led by Pitango and Viola Ventures with other participants including Emerge, bringing the total amount of anywell raised to $15 million. anywell helps companies smoothly transition to a hybrid working model by enabling employees to work in inspiring spaces within their local communities. The company will use this investment to expand its deployment in major cities across the United States and around the world.

While research indicates that 78% of workers want geographic flexibility in their work, 58% currently have an option for hybrid working, with a combination of office and remote working. Employers looking to meet these expectations struggle to develop hybrid work plans that simultaneously improve productivity while promoting employee well-being. The binary choice of working in the office or from home is inadequate for a post-pandemic workforce, and is rising anyway to meet this challenge with its Workplace-as-a-Service solution enabling a more flexible hybrid work experience. . Through its app-based system, the company combines the benefits of office conveniences with flexibility and a focus on employee satisfaction to create a future of work that truly works for everyone.

“The pandemic has accelerated a permanent shift in demand among employees for flexible working and healthier work-life balance, and is helping companies navigate this changing business landscape anyway, whether hybrid or fully distant,” said the CEO and co-founder of anyway, Gadi Royz. “After two years of working from home, employees want the freedom to work from anywhere, and with the generous support of our investors, we plan to lead the charge for a more flexible, human-centric future of work. and productive for all.”

With expenses covered by employers, employees (members) can use the Anywell on-demand app to choose a participating local location to work from on any given day – eg local cafe, hotel rooftop – to maximize productivity and be inspired by a change of scenery without any problems. anywell guarantees on-site business amenities including seating, WIFI, power, printers, tech kits, meal plans, and more, allowing members to work from anywhere and feel more productive, connected and inspired in their work. Employers who offer the service find that they better retain and attract top talent, optimize productivity, give back to the community and strengthen company culture, while anywell companies (hosts) benefit from the service by guaranteeing bookings at ahead, managing cash flow with more confidence and better understanding customer traffic. Using this model, hosts get paid by the hour and can ensure a steady flow of customers and revenue.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on investing in companies that are ahead of the game, and Anywell’s approach to the future of work is both innovative, timely and compassionate in a way we don’t. have never seen before,” said Shlomo Dovratco-founder and general partner of Viola Ventures, “We are delighted to support anywell as it leads the charge for an empathetic future of work that breaks free from the mold and makes it not only possible – but a norm – to work – from everywhere.”

“We are proud of our investment in anywell and hope that together we can lead companies to make more socially responsible choices in this new era of hybrid working,” said Chimi Peres, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Pitango. “Employers who join anywell are committed to not only putting the well-being of their employees first, but also supporting local businesses and giving back to the community. It’s a well-being mission with a return incredible investment for all parties involved.”

anywell currently has a presence in the market Israel and new York, and has already partnered with over 200 hosts, ranging from cafes and coworking spaces to hotels, gyms and more. The company plans to expand to other major US cities later this year as well as internationally. Some of the company’s well-known clients include Wix, Next Insurance, and ironSource.

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anywell is a one-of-a-kind workspace-as-a-service solution committed to leading the charge for a more flexible, human-centric future of work. anywell partners with top hospitality companies to provide employees with inspiring atmospheres in their local communities with standard office amenities that support an energizing work-life balance – all on demand and paid for by the employer. Anywell customers, which include well-known companies such as Next Insurance and ironSource, have found that using Anywell to prioritize employee well-being has resulted in more valued and therefore more productive employees and a better employee retention. anywell currently has operations in Israel and new York with plans to continue to expand globally.

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