Budget 2022 provides funds to implement a resource management system


Budget 2022 provides funds to implement the new resource management system, building on progress made since the reform was announced just over a year ago.

Inadequate funding for the implementation of the Resource Management Act in 1992 almost guaranteed its failure.

There was a lack of national guidance on how to approach environmental or development issues, and there was no standard plan format or defaults and there were years of lag for new planes.

“As a result, the current RMA system is too time-consuming, too expensive and has not protected the environment or enabled housing to be built,” Environment Minister David Parker said.

“Our reforms will make housing easier, faster and cheaper, while protecting the environment.

“As the focus of the resource management reform agenda begins to shift from development to implementation, Budget 2022 ensures we have the funding to avoid repeating these implementation mistakes,” said David Parker.

In June 2021, the government published an Exposure Draft of parts of the Natural and Built Environments Bill, which were considered by the Select Committee.

The government plans to introduce the full Natural and Built Environments Bill and the Planning Bill to Parliament later this year.

“Funding an effective transition to the new system is crucial to delivering low costs and better outcomes for New Zealanders,” said David Parker.

The 2022 budget ensures that funds are available for the development of the National Planning Framework, which will combine the many national guidance instruments of the current system into a single, coherent framework. Funding is also provided to help councils develop the first land use and NBA plans.

This will be funded through a $178.7 million program that includes support for local governments.

Funding is provided to the national Maori entity recommended by the Randerson report.

When the Natural and Built Environments Bill and the Planning Bill are introduced in Parliament, the public will have another chance to provide more input through the select committee process.

(With contributions from the New Zealand government press release)


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