Business Coach gives charities access to matching funding and mentorship

Vivienne Joy, founder of She Enjoys.

In today’s economic climate, a charity should operate like a business to remain financially stable.

Vivienne’s She-Enjoys Life Foundation helps passionate charitable creators get started and thrive by providing necessary business skills, marketing and administrative services, encouragement and coaching.

Beyond business savvy, Vivienne’s 10 years of experience as a master NLP practitioner helps female entrepreneurs tackle the thoughts that keep them “stuck” and overwhelmed, including beliefs based on fear, procrastination, self-sabotage, stress and financial mindset.

These subtle shifts in perspective can be game-changing and are available through the foundation.

Matching funding includes Vivienne’s online training at She-Enjoys Business Academy with 100 small video training workshops and weekly live Zoom learning masterclasses with coaching and peer group support.

If you are a nonprofit or charity, you can apply to SELF for matching funding to help you get a handle on various aspects of your business.

One charity that already benefits from this foundation is Creating Memories, founded by Pritti Saggi in Bedford.

Making Memories is a charity whose aim is to grant the wishes of children with life-limiting conditions.

Pritti has since worked with the Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum, which supports children with learning disabilities.

Vivienne’s business support, along with her expert connections, helps create the strategy that instills donor confidence, management and operations advice that streamlines the running of the charity, and support to ensure transparency. and financial responsibility, with an understanding of income and expenses.

Strong business acumen and strong leadership skills can benefit nonprofit organizations.

A charity must focus on achieving its intended results and achieving a surplus to have a long-term sustainable impact. If you’re feeling inspired, you can make a monthly donation to help charities like Pritti benefit or offer your expertise as a SELF supporter.

Vivienne says, “Decision points and actions are needed at every stage of building a charity.

“Scary and unknown things create vulnerability and risk, but are essential for growth. Wherever you are in your journey, starting up, scaling or a little stuck, you need to find balance, strong but safe support, expert guidance, new business skills and mindset. success. This is where I can help. She-appreciates an inclusive community of talented and determined women based on trust, collaboration and support.

Vivienne has extensive experience in human resources, advertising, management, budgeting, forecasting and product streamlining.

She is a Master Practitioner in NLP and a member of the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring. The She-Enjoys experience provides affordable inspirational support, deep mindset coaching, business mentoring, and sales and marketing skills training. Intense personal development with incentives and praise in a safe, high-energy space where women collaborate, network, and improve their lives and businesses.


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