Businesses Strive to Increase Broadband Service in Wayne County


If you live in a rural area you know getting internet service isn’t easy and a business is working to change that in Wayne County.

HONESDALE, PA – For some people in Wayne County, getting reliable internet service has been a challenge. Icon Technologies, based in Carbondale, has been trying to get high speed internet access here for three and a half years.

Wayne County received state funding to expand into rural areas, giving Icon Technologies the opportunity to help.

“We had to build a 23 mile microwave route with four microwave radio hops in order to get enough bandwidth here to provide service to these people,” said Alex Kelly, co-owner of Icon Technologies.

“We are in 2021. We took the initiative a few years ago to try to change this farm at the same time, roughly, and one hill at a time, and that is where we are at”, a said Brian Wrightson of Icon.

Due to the rural nature of its location, the new tower installed by Icon Technologies required a solar panel to power it.

“It provides 89 square mile coverage. So the economy is fair, I mean you have to be a wireless service provider to do it. There is no other way it would make economic sense. “Kelly said.

The Highlights Learning Center was one of the first to use this broadband service, and CEO George Brown says it’s a huge plus.

“We used to have different types of internet, but everything was at very slow speeds until we hooked up with Icon, who has worked really hard over the last couple of years to get us at sustainable speeds where we can. actually doing the internet work that we need to do here, ”Brown said.

Calkins Creamery owner Emily Montgomery says she waited three years for this project, and when her service started three weeks ago, it improved the workflow.

“I tell my clients, ‘You’re not going to wait two or three days now because everything is now done in-house on schedule. So we’re encroaching on the Christmas season and we’re making thousands of gift boxes, so it’s going to be a game-changer for us this year.

Icon Technologies has plans for another tower in the Starruca region. They hope President Biden’s infrastructure bill will translate into increased broadband support to better serve rural customers in the future.


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