Celtic have good options for January while Ibrox face a nightmare scenario.


The January window is going to be steady as it heads towards Celtic. This we already know. We have already signed one player by all accounts, and the quest continues to find those who will come after him. But this team does not need to do much. The new defender makes perfect sense. Another striker would be the icing on the cake.

Other than that, what is there really to do? The team is in better shape than we have seen in years. There are more than enough here to secure the second consecutive title. It’s not like last season, when we entered January with more work to do, and where the manager was able to identify key areas that needed upgrading.

This January window will therefore be calm. At least at Celtic Park. Across town, it will be a mad, desperate scramble to sell players whose contracts are running out and identify key areas where they can strengthen for what lies ahead.

It won’t be effective. It won’t be effective because when we entered that window, we did so in a comfortable place, with a manager who was just passing on his ideas. Their situation is significantly different. Their whole club needs to be rebuilt, starting with the coaching staff, which makes it exceptionally difficult to come up with a cohesive January plan.

The best thing we did in January before Lennon left was to deny him any further transfer money. With the decision to do without his services still not taken, but known to be imminent, it would have been foolish to let him tinker with the team.

So what do you do when your club is in this position? What do you do when your club has no choice but to go from strength to strength, or risk the fury of the fans, but have no clear idea of ​​the way forward? In some ways, they were helped by the seven-point gap; if it were smaller, their fans would practically demand signatures to make it a fight.

But a seven-point gap with both teams playing as they are makes it less likely that a recovery could take place, even if they were to throw millions at the issue. Their fans might not understand this, but the board certainly does; any return will depend on our loss of points, and while we all know we will, it’s hard to see us losing many.

So, would you say money is good after bad, especially when you don’t have a lot of it?

In a way, that’s how we’ll know if they’ve made a decision on the manager or not; if he doesn’t get funding in January, you can probably tell the bank he’s toasting. But even if they make signings, what does that tell us?

Suppose Ross Wilson is still buying players. Suppose, then, that he may not care whether these are necessarily players Van Bronckhorst wants, or the next manager either for that matter. All kinds of crazy things are going on there right now.

That’s why it’s going to be so much fun to watch.


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