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Abbotsford Mayor and Council will consider four flood mitigation options at their next public meeting. Price tags range from around $209 million to almost $2.79 billion.

City staff will present the options on April 4. They are the following:

Option 1: Status quo with improvements to the Barrowtown pumping station.

Option 2: Status quo with upgrades to the Barrowtown pump station and a new Sumas River pump station.

Option 3: Addition of a diversion canal and storage area, improvements to the Barrowtown pumping station and a new Sumas River pumping station.

Option 4: Addition of a narrow diversion channel, improvements to the Barrowtown pumping station and a new Sumas River pumping station and more.

Following the devastating November 2021 floods, the city worked with engineering consulting firm Kerr Wood Leidal, to develop a long-term flood mitigation plan for Sumas Prairie. Under this plan, the city is considering various options designed to improve the city’s existing flood-related infrastructure and reduce the impacts of flooding on residents and the community.

The options offer different levels of improved flood mitigation compared to the current infrastructure in place. A staff report indicates that the municipality must take immediate action to implement a solution within our municipality, so that our community is not as affected when future weather events occur.

But it won’t just be up to the board to decide what to do. There is a chance for audience participation.

Over the coming months, Abbotsford residents, businesses and neighboring governments will have the opportunity to learn more about each option and share their feedback on what matters most to them. City staff have been proactively reaching out to Sumas Prairie residents and businesses will be engaging directly with them over the next several weeks to discuss and get their input and feedback.

Additionally, the city is committed to hearing from the whole community about what is most important to them. All residents are encouraged to visit Let’s Talk Abbotsford to provide feedback and sign up for engagement opportunities.

The City of Abbotsford has also begun its intergovernmental conversations with leaders of the Semá:th, Màthexwi and Leq’á:mel First Nations. The provincial and federal governments, the City of Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley Regional District and the County of Whatcom, the cities of Everson and Sumas in Washington State in the United States will also be involved.

The City of Abbotsford will use the feedback to identify a preferred flood mitigation option and complete the long term flood mitigation plan. The plan will be used to inform funding discussions with senior levels of government.

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