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MASSENA — The funding received by the municipality will be used for the Masséna international airport projects in 2023.

Airport Manager Frank J. Diagostino said he has been notified of the receipt of AIR ’99 2021 funding under the 2021 Aviation Capital Grant Program, which will provide more than one million to the city, with the city contributing $103,702.

“We applied for this at the beginning of last year. Now we have to design it. We have four years to access this money,” he said.

Lawmakers included $16.5 million for the Aviation Capital Grant Program in the 2021-22 state budget. The state Department of Transportation administers the program, in which applicants are evaluated on their ability to meet eligibility criteria and are ranked through a rigorous scoring process.

Airport officials could apply for grants to improve passenger security or screening; to expand or rehabilitate terminals; build new boarding halls or concession areas; improving the safety and efficiency of passengers on the move; and for new innovations in touchless technology with an increased focus on cleanliness and disinfection.

Mr Diagostino said part of the grant will be used to repair an old shed. He said one possibility is to add a door and a new roof so the airport can rent the hangar for overnight aircraft storage.

“It’s a big shed. This is a big project that has been needed for quite a while. Luckily, we can repair the shed and weed out the raccoons that have managed to settle there,” he said.

Additionally, he said, “We’re trying to do something with what they called the pilot’s lounge.

He said that part of the building has a leaky roof, which has been a problem for several years.

“He is in a difficult state,” Mr Diagostino said.

C&S engineers, Syracuse, will provide the detailed assessment and requirements before starting work next year. Masséna City Council recently unanimously approved the recruitment of C&S Engineers for Airport Planning Services, Environmental Consultancy Services, Financial Consultancy Services and Political Engagement, Community Engagement and Public Relations for the next five years. The contract fulfills a Federal Aviation Administration requirement that all airports have a consulting firm hired for projects.

These services could include general consulting services; preparing and administering applications and documents necessary for FAA grant funding; urban planning services according to the needs of the city; services to obtain environmental clearances for proposed projects; technical design and other services required by the city; construction administration, inspection and testing services during construction projects; and attendance at meetings required by the city.

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