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Facilities Manager Eric Jacquez and staff shared a quarterly update with commissioners. A facility-wide replacement of automated paper towel and soap dispensers will save about $2,600 a year, according to Jacquez. The project coincided with the rollout of a new work order system, semi-annual HVAC maintenance and other general maintenance projects.

The biggest projects on the list for 2022 include a drainage improvement project at Meeker Airport. Jacquez noted that all the materials for the project had arrived. Work will begin as soon as the weather warms up.

The county is also studying the installation of a new water main at the airport, which would allow the construction of new airport hangars. Installations staff have gathered information on the feasibility of such a project, and the council hopes that installation can take place “when the trench is already open” on the drainage project. The commissioners will consider the bids for the work at a future meeting.

Jacquez and staff are also gathering information on the replacement of computer equipment/software at Meeker’s Justice Center, which acts as the “master brain” of the facility and controls automated door locks, cameras, intercom and d other systems.

A selection committee made up of staff from Colorado Northwestern Community College and the county has selected a new manager for Rangely Airport. Jacquez, who was involved in the hiring process, said the new hire will begin in April.


Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties Department of Social Services Director Tia Murry discussed staff updates on Tuesday. The department has hired a new deputy director who will live in Rangely, expected to start later this month.

Murry said after hiring more staff, the “next big thing” for DHS will be looking at community child care options. Referring to a meeting with ERBM Recreation and Park District Executive Director Sean VonRoenn, Murry said: “What I learned that I didn’t realize before was that they have the ability to serve more children.” She added that according to VonRoenn, the Meeker Recreation Center could potentially double its capacity if licensed as a daycare.

Murry said she is looking into state grants for funding options. A similar option could be on the table with the Rangely Recreation Center, although no official meeting to discuss the option has yet taken place. Murry added that the CNCC could also act as a potential partner to expand child care options in the county.


The board approved state-mandated changes to the county’s open registration policy, increasing the hourly rate from $30 to $33.78. Other changes relate to the images that can be broadcast by law enforcement body cameras.

Other changes to county procurement policies approved by the board this week will allow department heads to spend up to $8,000 without asking for at least two quotes. The previous threshold for price offers was $5,000.

The council signed a letter opposing legislation that would make collective bargaining mandatory for public sector employees. Commissioner Gary Moyer said the move “would be very damaging”.

Other items adopted by the council included:

• Award of a $50,000 bid and contract with Coulter Aviation for aerial spraying of insecticides

• Amended contract with Yampa Valley psychotherapists to expand scope of work to “other types of individual therapy”

• RBC Wildland Fire Annual Operating Plan

• purchase/license agreement with Calix, Inc. for the RBC Broadband Project

• CDPHE Waste Diversion Grant for Overton Recycling


Roads and Bridges Director Scott Marsh said planned work for a bridge on County Roads 5 and 64 could qualify for a federal grant to cover 100% of proposed costs, based on recent appeals from grants regarding Build Back Better federal legislation and funding.

Current or planned projects include sealing County Road 8, paving in the Rangely area to begin next month, repairing a compactor at the landfill and repairing a sinkhole on the county road 25.

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