County of Knox Considering Options to Fund Prison Expansion Project | News


Options on the table for Knox’s prison project

KNOX COUNTY, Indiana (WTHI) – The prison committee has been waiting for weeks for the final price of the prison project. The project initially exceeded budget. This was due to construction prices following the pandemic.

Just a few days ago, the prison committee received this final award. With the cuts made to the project, the expansion will cost $ 32.5 million. It is just a little more than what was recently estimated.

However, there is about $ 6 million more left than what was estimated in 2019. This is when a tax was passed to pay for the project.

The county is now considering three options. Topping the list is the use of American Rescue Plan Act funding.

The project could also be split into two phases in order to find other financing options. Finally, the state of Indiana is considering allowing an increase in bonds from 20 to 25 years. If passed, it could help the county pay for the project with the money they already have.

Sheriff Doug Vantlin said, “We would like to have everything ready to go and bid by the first of the year. If we can do that, we’ll stay on our inaugural spring schedule. But to achieve it. we need to have everything ready for the first of the year. “


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