County Trauma Options Rise With Foundation Funding | Community


There are many forms of trauma that can affect anyone, and it is estimated that three-quarters of Canadians have experienced a trauma at some point in their life.

The impacts often continue to occur many years after the experience, contributing to various mental and physical health issues, as well as substance abuse and addiction.

Being able to access locally trained therapists in effective treatments can make a crucial difference for those who suffer, and that is why the Aberdeen Hospital Foundation has sought to bring specific training to the region.

Monika Thompson, Mental Health and Addiction Manager in Pictou County, says Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is one method that helps people overcome trauma quickly.

“Our clinic had a limited number of therapists trained in ART and they were seeing very positive results for patients with this emerging, evidence-based treatment,” she said in a press release issued by the foundation. “We are delighted that ART therapy is available to support clients in addition to the other treatments we offer. “

Thompson says those at Mental Health and Addictions have approached the foundation for help to improve its ability to deliver ART. With funding from the foundation, six additional therapists were trained and certified.

Training is available in the United States, but so far the only certified Canadian trainer has been in Alberta. The foundation’s help helped bring training to the region.

“They are a wonderful and very committed team,” said Thompson. “They are determined to do the best they can for patients. Being able to provide the right, effective treatment in a timely manner goes a long way in reducing stress loads and boosting morale.

ART is a form of psychotherapy that has its roots in existing evidence-based therapies, but has been shown to provide benefits much faster. This benefits not only those who have experienced trauma, but also those with other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, and substance abuse.

ART uses relaxing eye movements and the voluntary memory / image replacement technique to change the way the brain stores negative images.

“Improving access to care is a top priority for the foundation,” said Michelle Ferris, executive director of the Aberdeen Health Foundation. “Being able to do it in the mental health field was such an easy decision. ART is an innovative, evidence-based approach and this investment will increase capacity and timely care for those trying to regain their well-being. Thanks to the continued generosity of our community, we can say yes to such opportunities when they arise.


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