Denigrating Pharmaceutical Companies Won’t Cure Diseases Like COVID-19, By Craig Garthwaite | Chroniclers


Drugmaker Merck recently provided startling data on molnupiravir, an oral antiviral it developed to fight COVID-19. In the phase three clinical trial of molnupiravir, it reduced the risk of hospitalization or death for patients with COVID-19 by 50%.

The company is seeking emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, which was recommended by an FDA panel of experts this week.

The drug could be a game-changer in humanity’s fight against this virus. Many in the United States and other developed countries have unfortunately decided not to get the vaccine, putting them at high risk for serious illness. Although rare, cases of severe breakthrough do occur. And in the developing world, a variety of factors have led to slow vaccine deployment. Finally, there is always the concern of a mutation that escapes our existing vaccines.

Simply put, vaccines alone are not enough of our anti-COVID-19 arsenal. And now we are ready to have at least one safe, effective, and convenient oral treatment. Roche and Pfizer are working on others that may soon emerge.

Yet instead of praising this achievement, some activist groups are focusing on the price of molnupiravir, which is expected to be $ 700 for a full five-day course with 10 pills. They claim that because the researchers who made the initial discovery received federal grants, the government should be able to price this therapy or cancel Merck’s intellectual property rights.


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