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These days, you might need a dashboard to keep up with the ever-growing number of Alphabet Soup organizations looking to represent Clovis Unified teachers.

The most recent to surface is Independent Clovis Unified Educators, or ICUE. Kim Mongelli introduced the organization to directors last month, about a week after The EUCI Facebook page has been created. She explained to administrators that the EUCI will be a union for teachers but will not be affiliated with any national or national union organizations.

“The EUCI will operate in a transparent and democratic manner. EUCI members will have the final say in all decisions without any interference from local, state or national organizations with political agendas, ”she said at the December 10 board meeting.

The EUCI has filed statutes with the Secretary of State and has begun collecting signatures from supporting teachers, and plans to petition the California Public Employment Relations Board to be recognized as the only union representing teachers in Clovis, Mongelli said.

Mongelli was previously associated with another newly formed nascent trade union organization. His name was one of six on a press release in October that announced that the Clovis Faculty Senate was seeking PERB recognition as the Clovis Teachers Organization.

The CTO was described as a “non-union organization” and not affiliated with other labor organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers or the National Education Association. Faculty Senate President Stacey Shiro and Vice President Bill Buettner were also named in the CTO press release.

Also in the school zone:

  • Bank of America offers summer internships in the Fresno / Visalia area.
  • Preschoolers and Kindergarteners can enroll in the River Parkway Young Explorer Enrichment Program.
  • Acting president appointed to head Fresno City College.

In an email to GV Wire, Mongelli said that the EUCI is a “completely different” organization from the CTO or other labor organizations. She stated that she had resigned from the Faculty Senate in order to eliminate any conflict of interest during the creation of the EUCI.

“The ICUE is completely independent and is not affiliated with the Faculty Senate or the CUSD, and we have no affiliation with the CTA, CFT or any other state or national teachers’ union,” she wrote.

Creating a union takes time

Clovis Unified’s antipathy to teacher unions dates back at least as far as its longtime superintendent Floyd “Doc” Buchanan, who believed there should be a more collegial relationship between the district and teachers. (This did not, however, prevent other employees in the district from obtaining union representation.)

Teachers tried unsuccessfully in the 1980s to form a union, but the concept of the Faculty Senate prevailed. The subject resurfaced last April when a new organization, the Clovis Educators Association, announced its intention to seek recognition as a teachers’ union. ACE maintains that the Faculty Senate is in the district’s pocket because the district pays the president’s salary and provides vehicle and administrative support. ACE has filed unfair labor complaints against the district with PERB.

ACE has already collected enough signatures from school psychologists and district mental health support staff to seek recognition as a bargaining unit. The PERB-supervised postal elections will begin this month and end in February. ACE is also still seeking signatures from teachers for a similar election.

Kristin Heimerdinger, a teacher at Buchanan High and one of the leaders of ACE, said that EUCI’s stated intention to be independent means it would not have access to analytical experts and others. resources that ACE already enjoys through its affiliation with the California Teachers Association.

“I don’t think they recognize how much they (EUCI) don’t know about negotiation, finances,” she said.

But having another fledgling union organization could prove confusing for teachers, Heimerdinger said. If there is a ray of sunshine, she said, it is because Mongelli noted that teachers need a union to represent their interests in talks with the district: “At least they recognize the writing on the wall, that the Senate model of the faculty is not sustainable. , and we need some kind of representation.

Calling all student leaders

It’s not too early for teens to think about their next summer job.

Members of Bank of America’s Student Leaders program visit the United States Capitol. (Bank of America)

Bank of America is looking for students in the Fresno and Visalia area to apply to its Student leaders program, through which community-minded high school and high school students can receive a paid internship to work with local nonprofits and participate in a national leadership summit.

Students must commit to an eight-week paid internship working 35 hours per week and also to attend the Leadership Summit July 25-30 in Washington, DC. Their travel expenses will be covered by the program.

Students must be in good standing, live in the Fresno or Visalia area, and not work for Bank of America or be related to any Bank of America employee.

Don’t delay, the deadline to apply is Friday January 28th.

Back to nature

The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust announced a new program this week for preschool and kindergarten children. The Young Explorer Enrichment Program is designed to complement their learning through nature-based experiences and is an extension of the Trust’s Pre-K and K summer camps.

“This new program is a great opportunity for families to involve their children in educational activities outside of the home and the classroom,” said Julia O’Kane, chair of the board of directors and former superintendent of Madera Unified, in a press release. “The Young Explorer Enrichment Program will provide participants with the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the outdoor school. “

The program is open to young people aged 3 and a half through kindergarten. There will be two six-week sessions, the first starting on January 25 and the second on March 22, with the week of April 11 being free for spring break. Sessions will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will be held primarily at the Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies, 11605 Old Friant Road, Fresno.

To register, go to

Appointed Acting Head of Fresno City College

Dr Marlon Room

Carole Goldsmith’s promotion from president of Fresno City College to chancellor of the State Center Community College District has left a vacancy in her old job. The State Center announced this week that it is being occupied on an interim basis by Fresno resident Dr. Marlon Hall, retired superintendent / president of Lassen Community College.

Hall’s appointment is subject to the approval of his contract by the Board of Directors at the January 11 meeting.

Hall ran Lassen College for 7.5 years before retiring. He previously worked at the Fresno Unified School District as a teacher, coach and vice-principal, then at West Hills College Coalinga as vice president of student services and other positions.


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