Edmonton Home of City’s First Builders Declared Historic Resource


EDMONTON — A residence that once housed several influential builders of Edmonton’s first city is now a municipal historic resource.

The Sheldon/Power Residence, located south of downtown in the Highlands neighborhood, was originally built in 1914 when Carleton Sheldon came to Canada to work in the coal industry. Sheldon eventually created the Sheldon Coal Company which operated until 1951.

The house was purchased in 1949 by Michael and Nancy Power, owners of the MK Power & Co. insurance brokerage.

“Nancy Power was unique among women at this time in that she was a full and active partner in the insurance industry and worked alongside her male counterparts. Nancy got involved in property management and was well known for renting homes to people others wouldn’t help,” a statement from the City of Edmonton said.

“Nancy Power was a pretty amazing person. She has served on dozens of boards and committees like the Family Service Association and the National Capital Commission. She was a founder and board member of the National Theater School of Canada and a founding member of the Highlands Historical Society. She was a great example of a community-minded Edmontonian helping to make our city a better place,” added David Johnston, Senior Heritage Planner for the City of Edmonton.

The Sheldon/Power Residence is built in the Craftsman style with a large gabled dormer in the front and an open veranda on the lower level supported by four tapered columns. It’s one of the best-preserved examples of the Craftsman style in the neighborhood, the statement said.

The current owners of the Sheldon/Power Residence will receive a grant of $97,130.72 from the Edmonton Heritage Resources Reserve Fund to help defray the costs of rehabilitating the building.

Edmonton’s Historic Resource Management Plan outlines the city’s mission to identify, protect and promote the preservation and use of historic resources. Since the plan was launched in 1985, 171 properties have been designated.


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