Employees of some companies furloughed due to sanctions


Jeremy Levine says he took the past weekend to pull himself together after learning that he and other employees of 15-Minute grocery app company Buyk would be fired following US sanctions on Russia.

“We have been informed that we have laid off approximately 98% of employees due to funding issues related to securing money from our founders and investors in Russia,” said Levine, who has been with the company for about five years. month.

What do you want to know

  • Jeremy Levine was one of hundreds of employees at 15-Minute grocery app company Buyk furloughed following US sanctions on Russia
  • A notification letter received by employees noted unforeseen circumstances requiring the company to temporarily reduce its workforce
  • Buyk launched operations in the city last year with coverage in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx
  • NY1 has reached out to Buyk for comment on the company’s future and has not heard back at the time of this report.

He and others received a notification letter citing unforeseen circumstances, forcing the company to temporarily reduce its workforce. Buyk, launched here in the city last year, promises a super-fast grocery delivery service. Its coverage area included Manhattan, Brooklyn, parts of Queens and the Bronx.

“Everyone was treated with the utmost respect, obviously nothing that happened had anything to do with productivity or the business and company performance,” Levine revealed.

Levine added that until about a week and a half ago, the business seemed to be thriving.

“We were expanding our stores in New York and there were plans to expand elsewhere in the country,” Levine said.

“Once we heard the news of the war and the attacks going from Russia to Ukraine, there was a bit of a pushback,” he added.

Due to US sanctions, other businesses in the city with ties to Russia are also closing. Another 15-minute grocery delivery app company, “Fridge No More”, posted a message on Instagram saying it was unfortunately closing its business, effective immediately.

For hundreds of employees, the abrupt closures have raised concerns about payment for time worked. Levine said that was no longer an issue.

“Everyone was due to be paid on Monday and as far as I know we were all paid for our time,” he said.

Although he has expenses for an upcoming wedding this year, Levine says he’s focused on the positive.

“What is happening in the world is truly unfortunate and there is no comparison to what the Ukrainian people are going through right now,” Levine stressed.


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