Environmental Coalition sends letter to Michael Gove regarding Edmonton EfW concerns


The North London environmental justice coalition ‘Stop the Edmonton Incinerator Now’ (StEIN) has reached out to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Department of Leveling Up, in a 10-page letter, regarding concerns over the Edmonton incinerator project.

The coalition includes Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, trade unions and other groups and individuals, with its letter following the Islington Tribune report that Gove had decided to investigate the NLWA accounts.

In it, the coalition welcomes the secretary’s decision to consider whether the waste authority’s plans for the Edmonton incinerator “represent value for money”, saying Gove must act to avoid “damage”.

The coalition divides its concerns into four main categories: problems with Edmonton’s £800 million incineration contract, problems with auditing firm Mazars’ review of the NLWA’s accounts, problems NLWA governance issues and issues related to NLWA communications or greenwashing. According to StEIN, the NLWA’s statement that the planned incinerator would be “better” than the landfill in environmental terms, is “greenwashing”.

StEIN’s letter also refers to the UK Municipal Bond Agency’s (UKMBA) intention to issue a green bond to fund construction of the facility, calling the NLWA’s communications campaign “reckless misinformation”. , which could “harm both the credibility of the UKMBA and investor confidence in the bonds”. .

Carina Millstone, founder of the StEIN coalition, said: “We expect Secretary Gove’s investigators to look into all the issues we have raised.

“This AGM will be watched closely, not only by North London politicians, residents and waste industry experts who oppose the current plans for the Edmonton incinerator, but no doubt also by Gove and his team of investigators.

“For climate justice activists, Cllr Loakes’ tenure has become synonymous with dangerous greenwashing in what we all know is a critical decade for our climate.”


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