Ethical companies raise funds 22% faster


• Companies with B Corporation status complete funding rounds 22% faster on average, with pitches closing in 17 days instead of 22.

• Nearly three-quarters of Crowdcube investors (74%) want their investments to make a positive difference in the world

• Four in five (81%) say they make investments that align with their values

• Home installation service and B Corp Just Move In hit their crowdfunding target within 24 hours and raised £1.77m by the time of closing

Ethical companies like B Corporations complete funding rounds a fifth faster (22%) than traditional companies[1]reveals data from Crowdcube, with home setup service Just Move In recently hitting its target in 24 hours.

Companies with B Corporation status completed their funding round on Crowdcube in an average of 17 days, compared to 22 days for traditional companies[1].

Almost three-quarters of investors (74%) said they want their funding to make a positive difference in the world, and more than four in five (81%) choose their investments based on their personal values.

In November last year, home installation service and B Corp, Just Move In, reached its crowdfunding target within 24 hours and raised £1.77million by the time it closed.

Just Move In recently highlighted the work that needs to be done by estate and letting agents to become more sustainable in its Getting Our House In Order report, which surveyed over 150 UK agencies.

More than a quarter of real estate and letting agents (27%) see sustainability as a ‘tick box exercise’ and almost nine in ten companies (87%) do not have a net zero strategy to reduce their emissions of carbon. However, more than half (54%) think the issue is becoming more important to the industry.

Ross Nichols, co-founder of Just move inmentioned: “We are extremely proud of our B Corporation status, and it is gratifying to see that investors feel the same about its importance.

“Achieving our 24-hour funding round wasn’t entirely due to our commitment to doing business ethically, but it’s clear that investors are increasingly putting their money where their heart is.”

“We’ve tried to take the lead in real estate, and this data from Crowdcube shows that those who do will reap the rewards.”

Matt Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer of Crowdcube, said: “The 1980s mantra, Greed Is Good, is long gone, and we’re seeing a new breed of investors who want their money to help make the world a better place.”

“Just Move In quickly achieved its fundraising goals, and we’ve seen many other companies attract investors through their ethical ethos.”

[1] Crowd cube data

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