Former St. Louis County official pleads guilty to COVID-19 funding scam


ST. COUNTY LOUIS (KMOV) – Tony Weaver, a former senior St. Louis County jail official, has pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding the county through a small business assistance program (SBR) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The charges alleged that Weaver met with a man who owns several small businesses in St. Louis County and told him about the SBR grant program. The indictment says Weaver then told the man he could receive the maximum $15,000 per business for six of his businesses through the program. The federal government provided funds to St. Louis County in 2020 to distribute to small businesses that have lost money due to the pandemic.

According to federal documents, Weaver told the businessman, who is referred to in court papers as ‘John Smith’, that his former council boss demanded to know the names of Smith’s businesses before a final decision was made. not be taken. Her boss is identified as “Jane Doe” in the documents.

In a conversation with Smith, Weaver reportedly said that Doe’s office “is going to do what I tell them to do.”

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Weaver was charged on May 25, 2022 with four counts of wire fraud. He pleaded guilty to all four counts on Friday.

Weaver, who was made jail officer by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, was fired by Page after he was indicted. Doug Moore, spokesman for the county executive, said in a statement after Weaver was fired that the indictment was unrelated to his work at the county jail.


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