Funding for the Bug Bounty platform: Intigriti raises over $23 million


Intigriti, a European provider of bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platforms, has secured €21 million (over $23 million) in a Series B funding round.

With this funding, Intigriti will grow its workforce to more than 200 employees worldwide, the company said. It will also explore ways to strengthen its platform’s vulnerability detection, reporting and validation capabilities.

Organizations can use Intigriti’s platform to launch bug bounty programs designed to identify security vulnerabilities and stop data breaches, the company said. They can customize these programs and choose from over 40,000 independent security researchers to run them.

In addition, Intigriti’s platform provides security vulnerability reports to the company’s research community, the company noted. These reports give organizations insight into new security vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations on how to protect against them.

Security researchers can also earn up to €50,000 (about $53,000) for reporting a bug on Intigriti’s platform. To date, Intigrit has paid out over 3 million euros (about $3.2 million) in bonuses.

Intigriti partners with Intel and Atos

Intigriti has partnerships with major technology companies and MSSPs, including Intel and Atos, among others.

Intel in December 2021 began using Intigriti’s platform for its bug bounty program. With the program, Intel is using Intigriti’s platform to identify data protection issues as part of its Security First Pledge, the chip giant said.

Additionally, Atos, a global IT consulting firm with a Top 250 MSSP business unit, announced a bug bounty offering that combines Intigriti’s platform with the company’s cybersecurity services. The customer offering allows Atos customers to develop bug bounty programs that encompass penetration testing, threat monitoring and other security features.

Intigriti, a European provider of bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platforms, is adding more than $23 million in funding and will expand its global workforce.


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