Haunted house for the Women’s Resource Society


FORT ST. JOHN, BC — The Tropical Tanning Studio is holding a haunted house to raise money and collect food donations for the Women’s Resource Society this Halloween.

The haunted house, located in the living room at 9133 96th Street, opens Oct. 31 at 5 p.m., and admission is by cash or food donation to the Women’s Resource Society.

Sherry Spencer, the owner of the salon, says she loves Halloween and is doing it after the tough times everyone has had for the past few years.

“I just wanted all the families to come together and have a great Halloween this year,” she said.

Spencer says she and her team worked for two months to get all the pieces in place, and they still weren’t finished on the 26th.

The hallway entrance (Jordan Prentice)

On the 31st, guests can walk through each themed room and out the back door after grabbing candy at the end of the hall.

The Clown (Jordan Prentice)

This isn’t the first time Spencer has done the haunted house, as she did in 2017 but hasn’t spread the word.

“I just did it just for fun, and it worked well, so I did it again,” she said.

Another Creepy Character Involved in the Lair (Jordan Prentice)

Spencer says she chose the Women’s Resource Society because “they need help.”

“Anything I can lift for them, I appreciate everything,” she added.

She would also like to thank Autographics, Safeway, Almighty Bullies, Bloom and Beauty and many others who donated to the cause.

Companies that donated to the cause. (Shailynn Foster)

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