Indus Towers: the worst is over; Indus Towers to explore revenue options: CEO Bimal Dayal

After a “classic merger” without a single pink slip to deliver and a restructuring deal with (Vi), the worst is over for Indus Towers, one of the world’s largest telecommunications infrastructure companies, which is now looking to take advantage of upcoming 5G rollouts and also explore various revenue options, Chief Executive Bimal Dayal said.

Speaking to ET, Dayal said that all private and public telecom operators are talking about 5G, and they are also catching up in different circles.

“With the technological improvement that will take place with 5G… What better time than now to easily say that we have a fair amount of tailwinds,” the top Indus executive said in his first interview since joining. he took over as CEO of a merger. Bharti Infratel-Indus Entity.

“There’s a lot of catching up that traders have to do relative to each other. If you have one trader X leading in circle Y, you have two or three traders trailing and catching up…this obviously provides growth for U.S. too.”

Indus Towers improved its receivables position in the March quarter thanks to the restructuring of the security package received from Vodafone earlier this year, Dayal said.

“From Vi’s point of view, they have fulfilled their commitments in restructuring their security package…And it was restructured in such a way that it was part of Vi’s equity…a strange ₹3,400 crore that we received as part of that,” Dayal said.

As part of the restructuring plan, Vi must make regular payments or else Indus can draw down the remaining ₹440 crore from the sale of Vodafone Group’s stake in the tower company, which has yielded to the British major over ₹3,800 crore.

The Vodafone Group has previously said it has the option to pay the residual proceeds to Vi before July 15.

“Any residual proceeds not paid to Vi will be available to Indus until November 19, 2022 to secure Vi’s obligations under the Master Service Agreement.”

Vodafone Idea has “honoured those commitments… This arrangement is in effect until July 15, and we’ll see what happens after that,” Dayal said. “We are encouraged by the discussions that have taken place on the Vi front, and on their financing.”

Dayal also addressed the company’s frequent ownership turnover, saying it does not affect the company’s core principle of remaining unbiased and serving customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We remain neutral as never before. Airtel, Vodafone and Idea were operating from the same meeting room before the merger, and they were fiercely competing with each other in the room,” he said.

The three private telephone companies plus BSNL and

use the Indus towers.

“I think that’s one of the jobs as CEO, to isolate the two (operations and ownership) and stay neutral and true to registration as an IP1 company,” he added. . The government provides IP1 licenses to infrastructure companies on the grounds that it provides services in a non-discriminatory manner.


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