LATEST: €15,500 grant for Family Resource Center in Newbridge, Kildare


A total of €15,500 in grants has been awarded to a family resource center in the town of Newbridge.

Funding for the Newbridge Family Resource Center (Newbridge FRC) was provided by Mental Health Ireland.

Kildare-based Senator Fiona O’ Loughlin welcomed the news, saying: ‘I have worked closely with Newbridge FRC for many years and there is no doubt that they need to expand beyond their current facilities at Dara Park.

“Ellen, Brian and the entire Newbridge FRC Board of Directors provide vital community support and have done so since 1984: they are a central pillar of our community.

“I have worked at the national level to secure funding and resources for the center and I am delighted to see this funding sanctioned,” she concluded.

Social Democrat councilor Chris Pender, who also sits on the Newbridge FRC board, also said: “I have always credited Newbridge FRC as where I got my start and my interest in community development and youth work, which later morphed into an interest in politics.”

“There is no doubt in my mind about the benefits to the city that will come from expanding beyond our current facilities at Dara Park.

He continued: “The work done by the volunteers and staff of Newbridge FRC has been second to none since its inception in 1984.

“They have long been a vital part of our community.”


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