Look for these 10 best big data companies to work for in 2022


by Analytics Insight

April 23, 2022

An overview of the best big data companies that can be useful for your career growth

Big Data is digitally transforming and empowering businesses to make the right decisions. As consumers, we are constantly generating data through smartphones, wearables and voice assistants. This machine-generated data can be used by marketers and business owners for business intelligence strategies for their own businesses or to create solutions that can help businesses extract insights from the flood of data. . The Big Data market is experiencing dramatic growth, based on growing interest in the competitive advantage offered by Big Data analytics. Indeed, Big Data software is still growing strongly, with great advancements in predictive analytics and data mining tools, as well as next-generation artificial intelligence. Here are the top 10 big data companies to look for in 2022.

Cartesian advice

Seat(s): Bombay, Maharashtra

Creation: 2009

Area of ​​intervention: Marketing Analytics, Data Analytics, Analytics, Business Analytics, Retail Analytics, Customer Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mix Modeling, Pricing Analytics, etc.

Sector: Management Consulting

Website: http://www.cartesianconsulting.com

Cartesian Consulting was founded in India in 2009. It is a global analytical services company specializing in customer, marketing and business analysis. It helps brands around the world improve revenue and margins by helping them better use their data for business decisions and marketing interventions. The main solutions and services provided by the company are customer analytics to help drive repeat, retention, lifetime value and customer insight enterprise-wide; marketing analytics covering mix modeling, attribution models, spend optimization, conversion optimization models; business analytics covering price and margin optimization, text analytics, supply chain and inventory, store and branch analytics, human resource analytics and business decision support enterprise scale.


Headquarters: Paris, France

Creation: 1967

Focus Area: Outsourcing, Process Consulting, Package Based Solutions, Custom Solution Development, Application Management, Business Information Management, Artificial Intelligence, Business Consulting, Cloud, Digital and Managed Services.

Sector: Information technology and services

Website: https://www.capgemini.com

Capgemini is a global leader in partnering with businesses to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. It helps clients harness the power of information. Often this means finding patterns and trends in huge amounts of data, then presenting them in a way that is more accessible and meaningful to the client. But increasingly, it’s about helping them develop their capabilities by advising them on the people, processes and technologies they need to realize the value of data themselves. Helping customers, whether train operators or retailers, to answer important questions allows them to be more proactive in their decision-making.


Headquarters: Northville, Michigan


Focus Area: Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Big Data, DataStax, Databricks (Spark), etc.

Sector: Information technology and services

Website: http://www.datafactz.com/

Datafactz is a company run by curious data scientists, which has developed a pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach. Combining several data science techniques from statistics, machine learning, deep learning, decision science, cognitive science and business intelligence, with its ecosystem of technological platforms, the company has produced unprecedented solutions. With a large number of tools and extensive experience, he builds predictive models and frameworks for different organizations to clearly assess complex situations, such as Customer Lifetime Value calculation and effective customer management systems. performance that can leverage growing and diverse data streams for retailers struggling to stay competitive.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Creation: 2013

Focus Area: Apache Spark, Apache Spark Training, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Science and Unified Analytics Platform.

Sector: Computer software

Website: https://databricks.com

Databricks is a data and AI company. It provides powerful data analytics and AI solutions across industries. The company is focused on delivering rapid project success through world-class expertise in data engineering, data science and project management. Its offerings and expert services contribute to the Data + AI journey to deliver optimal, personalized acceleration from initial workspace onboarding through the establishment of DataOps and Center of Excellence practices across the enterprise. At enterprise scale, creating a data pipeline POC or developing a single-node model is relatively manageable.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Creation: 2015

Focus Area: Sample Delivery, Market Research, Data Analytics, Brand Enhancement, Advertising Measurement, Audience Insights, Consumer Data, Consumer Insights, Path to Purchase and Behavioral Panel.

Sector: Information technology and services

Website: https://www.disqo.com

DISQO is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that powers brand decisions with breakthrough insights into consumer experience. DISQO is a consumer insights platform that offers products that connect information about what people think and do across brand experiences and consumer journeys. Connecting brand sentiment and results from a single source, DISQO empowers clients to better understand their customers and create competitive advantage. DISQO’s platform is built on comprehensive, permission-based consumer data. This platform helps understand what people are thinking and doing throughout the brand experience.


Headquarters: Santa Clara, USA

Creation: 2010

Focus Area: Big Data and Cloud Data Services

Sector: Enterprise software

Website: https://www.datastax.com/

DataStax is focused on delivering an open multicloud data stack based on Apache Cassandra. Astra DB is the first-ever exclusively open, multi-cloud serverless database with a modern microservices-based architecture. Total funding for this big data company is US$227.6 million to be the open stack for modern data applications. It provides several products such as Astra DB, Astra streaming, Luna for Apache Cassandra, Luna streaming and DataStax Enterprise. DataStax makes it possible to efficiently run real-time data on any device and in any type of cloud.


Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Creation: 2009

Focus Area: Big Data, Data Integration, Data Visualization

Sector: financial services, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, energy and utilities

Website: https://www.datameer.com/

Datameer is one of the big data companies providing the only multi-person SaaS solution for data transformation in Snowflake. It consists of no-code, low-code and full SQL coding to build and deploy highly optimized data models. Datameer provides data catalog and metadata management with data governance and audit trails. It is known for offering two types of big data products known as Datameer SaaS and Datameer X. It also helps collaboration throughout the data transformation and modeling lifecycle with a total funding of 139 .8 million.


Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Creation: 2012

Focus Area: Big Data

Sector: Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Digital Media, FMCG, Energy, Construction and Market Research

Website: https://www.datapine.com/

Datapine is a big data company well known for providing interactive BI dashboards to have secure access to all relevant business data in a particular space. It helps generate meaningful and actionable insights with self-service analytics tools from building a data culture. Organizations using Datapine can use a scalable SaaS BI solution with different varieties of dashboards, by function, industry and platform. It is popular for offering SaaS business intelligence, MySQL business intelligence, self-service BI, BI tools, visual analytics software, sales analytics software, and report and query builders.


Headquarters: Round Rock, USA

Creation: 1979

Focus Area: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Content Management, and Data Backup and Recovery

Sector: IT and Services

Website: https://www.delltechnologies.com/en-in/index.htm

Dell EMC is known as part of Dell Technologies and focuses on big data and information. It helps provide the essential infrastructure for organizations to effectively embrace digital transformation. Dell EMC data analytics-ready solutions help explore real-time data values ​​to drive business growth. Big Data solutions are created to simplify the deployment of analytics projects and protect critical data. It helps turn data into a tangible asset and revenue stream with multiple solutions with Hadoop, Splunk Enterprise, and VMware Tanzu Greenplum.


Headquarters: Chicago, USA

Creation: 2015

Area of ​​intervention: Big Data, IoT, software development, automation

Sector: Health, IT

Website: https://empeek.com/

Empeek is a popular big data company focused on building software solutions to drive healthcare innovation effectively and efficiently. Tailor-made solutions improve patient well-being and data security to improve operational efficiency by tackling business issues in creative ways. He provides mobile and web development for ACT team collaboration platform with wearable devices and automated reminders, end-to-end development of cardiac care mobile device, LiDAR-based application for enterprise telecommunications, and many more. End-to-end development offers custom software development, product development, IT and software consulting, and more. with the creation of MVP.


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