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The Town of Marion continues to review interconnections with neighboring systems to address the water supply crisis caused by a leak in the Lake George Dam.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 1 spokesman Keith Todd says Marion has about a ten-day supply of water. He says the Kentucky National Guard resumed its bulk water convoy operation on Wednesday. He says the water access point has been moved from the Cumberland River to the Tradewater River off US 60 at the Crittenden-Union County line. He adds that this effort provides 40,000 to 80,000 gallons of raw water to Old City Lake to be available for treatment.

Todd said the interconnection efforts provided good news on Wednesday when it was determined that inflow to the Crittenden-Livingston County Water District’s Marion plant could be increased. He notes that with the conservation efforts of Marion’s water customers, Crittenden-Livingston now provides 15% of the city’s water use.

According to Todd, Marion officials on Tuesday approved funding and authorized engineers to lay a roughly 3-mile line that would provide a new interconnection between the Caldwell Water District and the city. He adds that this would provide more water directly supplied by the increased production at Princeton. He notes that studies have shown that the existing interconnection will not produce the benefit previously suggested.

Late last week, Todd says the City of Marion authorized engineers operating in conjunction with the Pennyrile Allied Development District (PADD), Sturgis and Crittenden-Livingston to construct a 1-mile line to interconnect systems and provide another source to increase regional supply.

On Wednesday, he said the city has worked out next steps with BFW engineers to complete topographic mapping of the Lake George basin for potential plans to return the lower bowl to safe usable operations.

Additionally, the use of the Lucille Mine as a water source would have received preliminary approval, while finalizing potential water treatment methods where possible, which will include controlled flushing of mine water to some time.

Meanwhile, Marion officials said the water distribution schedule has been changed. Those with the last name AM can pick up bottled water on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Those with the NZ surname can pick up bottled water on Fridays during the same period. Bottled water distribution is at the Old National Guard Armory located at 131 Rochester Avenue. The authorities require that this water be used for drinking and cooking purposes.


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