Marquette Township Council Hears MCRC’s Options for Forestville Bypass Proposal


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – On Thursday, a joint business meeting was held between the Marquette Township Council and the Marquette County Roads Commission (MCRC). The groups discussed plans for a housing development in Forestville and township roads that may be affected.

MCRC Engineering Manager Jim Iwanicki explained the options and issues with Longyear’s new development. Longyear announced a site plan for the development that would see over 200 units built.

The commission is reviewing options, including a possible bypass due to increased traffic at the intersection of Wright Street and Forestville. Iwanicki told the meeting that it was the most dangerous intersection in the township based on traffic accident data. Iwanicki also explained that one of the proposed plans could cost millions of dollars and obtaining funding could take years.

“The Township Council is trying to learn all the information it needs to make a good decision in the best interest of the whole township. So what is needed for the township to accept the type of growth that we expect to see in the near future,” said Jon Kangas, Marquette Township Manager.

As this was a working session, no action was taken by Marquette Township Council on Thursday evening.


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