MD Options raises nearly $4 million


Options MD, a telehealth startup providing care for treatment-resistant depression, announced $2.3 million in funding this month, bringing the company’s total pre-seed funding to nearly 3.8. millions of dollars. The round was led by Minneapolis-based Bread & Butter Ventures, with participation from M13, Bright Ventures and Collab Capital. MedMountain Ventures and Techstars have also reinvested in the company.

Additionally, Options MD received $100,000 from Google’s Startups Latino Founders Fund.
The pre-seed funding will allow for the expansion of clinical operations and medical research, in addition to improving Options MD’s clinical protocols.

Options MD offers a personalized care model, including proprietary treatment matching software. Clinicians organize research-backed treatment plans, including more than 200 treatments ranging from pharmacological protocols and evidence-based behavioral treatments to non-pharmaceutical methodologies and lifestyle changes.

Pierce and Hewitt

Morgan Hewett and Kyle Pierce, co-founders of Options MD, are trying to prevent suicide deaths by tackling treatment-resistant mental illnesses.

“Options MD is tackling the white space that exists for the approximately 32 million patients who are the hardest on the mental health system — those struggling with serious, treatment-resistant mental illnesses,” Pierce said. “Unlike hosting mental health platforms that only focus on patients with milder mental health conditions, Options MD is committed to supporting patients diagnosed with the most severe and chronic cases of illness. mental.”

A consultation meeting costs $250, therapy sessions cost $120 each and psychological follow-ups cost $150 each. Treatments are not covered by any insurance plan at this time; however, the company’s website says it hopes to make this possible by next year.


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