Missouri offers funding for biofuels infrastructure development


The Missouri Department of Agriculture is accepting applications for its biofuels infrastructure incentive program through September 30. The program aims to increase the distribution and use of ethanol blends of E15 or higher and biodiesel blends of B6 or higher.

Fuel retailers, fuel distributors, terminal companies and fleet operators are eligible to apply for BIIP financing. According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, 50% of the funding will initially be applied to ethanol-based products, with the remaining 50% going to biodiesel projects. In each category, up to 75% of funds will be awarded to Tier 1 projects, with the remaining 25% awarded to Tier 2 projects. Tier 1 includes any terminal, business or fuel retailer with more than five locations , while Tier 2 includes any fuel retailer with five or fewer stations, fleet operations, or individual businesses. The maximum award for Tier 1 entities is 50% of eligible costs, up to $500,000. The maximum award for Tier 2 entities is 75% of eligible costs, up to $250,000.

Projects may include, but are not limited to, eligible expenditures incurred for the construction, installation, upgrade or modernization of fuel dispensers/pumps, related/attached equipment, underground storage tanks or aboveground tank systems or components, and other infrastructure located in Missouri. Applicants must be a business entity that constructs new infrastructure or existing equipment, or retrofits or upgrades infrastructure or equipment that handles biodiesel fuel, biodiesel fuel blend, or ethanol blended gasoline at a facility located in Missouri. The project may include multiple locations in the state.

Additional information is available on the Missouri Department of Agriculture website.


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