Moe teases minimum wage hike as Sask. the opposition launches a plan to overload resources


Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said an announcement about raising the minimum wage in Saskatchewan would be made in the “coming days”.

“As we look at what we can do as a government to support Saskatchewan families, this is one area, with proper consultation, that we are able to create perhaps a one-time market or maybe a few times, gradual. -adjustment based on minimum wage increase,” Moe said after first teasing the potential increase during Monday’s Question Period debates.

Moe did not give specific details on what the increase might be, but said it would impact not only those on minimum wage, but also “those who might be close” to minimum wage.

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Currently, the minimum in Saskatchewan is $11.81 – the lowest rate in the country.

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The indexing formula used by the government since 2007 to calculate minimum wage increases gives equal weight to the change in the consumer price index and the average hourly wage for Saskatchewan compared to the previous year.

Moe said the “market-based adjustment” would be “beyond” the indexing formula.

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Experts say the minimum wage is not high enough in Saskatchewan

Experts say minimum wage is not high enough in Saskatchewan – November 28, 2021

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labor has advocated a minimum wage in Saskatchewan ranging between $15 and $17 in urban centers and between $17 and $20 in other parts of the province.

Professor Miguel Sanchez of the University of Regina’s Faculty of Social Work told Global News in December that current minimum wage earnings for parents supporting a combined family would be about $4,000 below. of the poverty line.

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Moe’s comments came shortly after the Saskatchewan NDP proposed adding a 1% “windfall profit surtax” to oil and potash sales when they exceed certain price thresholds.

They say the plan could generate $250 million a year, enough to pay a “dividend” of about $105 to every Saskatchewan resident, increase health care funding and scrap the controversial PST expansion announced. in the last Saskatchewan budget.

Saskatchewan NDP Deputy Leader Nicole Sarauer called Moe’s comments on the minimum wage a “channel change.”

“It’s a classic move by the Prime Minister to throw a trial balloon to see what kind of reaction or channel change he can get for the day,” she said.

“We have the lowest minimum wage in the country. It’s interesting that he was chosen today after our announcement to potentially do that.

Moe told reporters Monday afternoon that the government was not considering the NDP’s plan, suggesting it would jeopardize investments in Saskatchewan.

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