National Council of Youth and Family Court Judges announces new resource center on child sex trafficking


A series of live webinars and discussions take place during National Slavery and
Human Trafficking Prevention Month

RENO, Nevada – The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), the nation’s largest and oldest judicial membership organization, has launched a new educational resource center on child sex trafficking and courts. The NCJFCJ is engaged in justice education to improve outcomes for survivors. The organization seeks to strengthen the capacity of the child protection system, the juvenile justice system and the community at large to coordinate responses to child sex trafficking.

NCJFCJ offers a series of webinars and live discussions during National Slavery and
Human Trafficking Prevention Month

The NCJFCJ recognizes January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month and January 11 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. “National Human Trafficking Awareness Month should be a call to action to learn and properly serve survivors in a trauma-sensitive and compassionate manner,” said Judge John Romero (retired) , former president of the NCJFCJ.

The NCJFCJ believes that juvenile and family court judges play an important role in identifying youth who have survived child sex trafficking and play a unique leadership role in connecting them with resources and agencies. services they need to thrive. With financial support from the NoVo Foundation, the new resource center will offer informative conversations on topics such as:

Understand the extent of the problem
Interpreting the legal landscape
Implement promising practices
Leveraging judicial leadership

Live webinars and question-and-answer sessions will be published weekly in an eight-part series, “The Court’s Role in Empowering Young Survivors of Sex Trafficking”. The new resources were developed based on advice from the NCJFCJ Youth Advisory Council. The Youth Advisory Council encourages judges and court staff to go beyond the surface of youth behaviors and understand what young people really need and want.

“Judges hold great power when it comes to interrupting cycles of abuse and incarceration of young people,” said Yasmin Vafa, executive director of Rights4Girls. “Viewing each child as a human being as a whole and looking behind its burden to understand the underlying causes of their behavior can be vital in dismantling the cycle of victimization and adult incarceration that colors the lives of so many survivors of Trafficking. “

For more information on NCJFCJ events, articles, webinars and toolkits in January, visit the Resource Center webpage.

About the National Council of Youth and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ):
Founded in 1937, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Judges, based in Reno, Nevada, is the oldest judicial organization in the country and focuses on improving the efficiency of juvenile and family courts. our country. A leader in continuing education, research and policy development opportunities in the area of ​​juvenile and family justice, the NCJFCJ serves approximately 30,000 juvenile and family court professionals and is unique in providing practice-based resources to jurisdictions and communities across the country.


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