New funding options for green agritourism businesses in Greece


Business owners in Greece are investing in sustainable agrotourism projects can draw from a total of 49 million euros in fundingannounced this week the Ministry of Agriculture, with the application process opening July 5.

Funds from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) will be channeled to projects that link agricultural activity and agriculture to tourism create a new tourism product.

The objective of the program is to include farmers in the value chain and improve the competitiveness and recognition of local products through their promotion in tourist destinations and their inclusion in experiential agrotourism activities.

Interested persons can apply here from July 5 to September 30.

Eligible companies must present plans with an investment budget ranging from 500,000 euros to 7.5 million euros for VSEs, small and medium-sized enterprises and from 7.5 million euros to 12.5 million euros. euros for large companies.

Grants range from 15-50% of total investment and are determined by business size and location.

Funding is open to very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or large enterprises that:

– offer food and agri-food products to visitors inside the establishment or at a place where experiential tourism services are offered

– the products or raw materials come from local agricultural activity.

In addition, companies active in the following economic activities (NACE) can also apply for funding:

-NACE 55: accommodation

-NACE 56: agro-food activities

-NACE 79: travel agencies, tour operators and reservation services and related activities

-NACE 90: creative activities, arts and entertainment

-NACE 91: libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities

-NACE 93: sports and leisure activities.

In terms of accommodation, funding covers the establishment of:

-5-, 4- or 3 stars with a minimum capacity of 10 rooms and 20 beds

– 5 or 4 star hotels with furnished rooms with a minimum capacity of 30 beds

-rooms for rent (4 keys) with a minimum capacity of five rooms and 10 beds

-furnished apartments for rent (4 keys) with a minimum capacity of five bedrooms and 10 beds

-furnished houses for tourist accommodation.


Among others, entrepreneurs must invest in “green transition” actions that include at least one of the following:

– investments in building facilities to achieve greater energy efficiency

-investments in mechanical equipment with reduced energy consumption

– upgrade to low emission vehicles

-investments in RES

-investments in water management infrastructure

-investments in mechanical equipment that contribute to water savings

-the implementation of an experiential agritourism plan

– promotion of local gastronomy

-the enhancement of local cultural heritage through agricultural activities

-cooperation with local companies and institutions for the creation of experiential tourism actions.

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