Ofwat supports nine companies to explore innovative water supply solutions


Nine water companies will receive dedicated funding from Ofwat to further develop their innovative ideas.

Solutions include new reservoirs, water recycling ideas, and technologies that use canals and rivers as nature’s conveyor belt to move water across the country.

Other projects include studying how to share water with farmers or industry or providing other benefits such as reducing flood risk or creating space for nature.

The funding is part of a £ 500million program that has been formed to support large-scale water supply solutions designed to help prevent future water shortages.

David Black, Acting CEO of Ofwat, said: “The need to maintain a reliable water supply has never been clearer, with the current challenges of population growth and climate change. “

Sir James Bevan, Managing Director of the Environment Agency, said: “Climate change and population growth mean that if we do not act now, demand for water will exceed availability in many parts of the country. ‘by 2050.’

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