Pac-12 options after Big 12 talks end


Another day of not knowing what to do with the Pac-12 after USC and UCLA announced their move to the Big Ten is upon us.

However, we are starting to be able to use the process of elimination as to what might happen, due to the fact that after being tied to the Big 12 in some capacity, talks between the two conferences fell through. Whether or not there were any legitimate efforts by the Big 12 is unclear, as there is a conspiracy that the conference is on the prowl to poach Pac-12 schools in the future.

Either way, all we know at this time is that merging the Pac-12 and Big 12 to form what was to be the first of three mega-conferences is not on the cards. Many college football fans and pundits are predicting where the conference will go next and if they can do anything to stay afloat and relevant.

While the college football world’s pessimists (there are many) think the conference’s days are numbered, the Pac-12 still have three options they can choose from that aren’t just a total conference blast. .

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Let’s take a look at these options!


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