Palmyra is looking at funding options to connect the east and west sides around the US 61


PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – Efforts continue to make driving safer in the city of Palmyra, Missouri. On Monday evening, the Palmyra Citizens Advisory Group met to discuss funding options to connect the east and west sides of the city around US 61.

Drivers said you’ll likely get stuck in traffic or maybe even in a car accident if you try to get on or off US 61 in Palmyra.

“We unfortunately had some fatalities,” Mayor Rusty Adrian said. “The way it’s set up right now, something has to change. We want to eliminate that.

Some drivers, like Nik Yager, avoid the Main Cross Street intersection altogether.

“I myself avoid these intersections,” Yager said. “Usually I enter or exit myself on the interchanges.”

The Palmyra Citizens Advisory Group discussed ways to make it safer for drivers. The group is made up of business owners, engineers, truckers and residents.

On Monday evening, they finalized a construction plan, including the completion of three diamond interchanges, one at Main Cross Street and one at the north and south ends of the city.

Adrian said the North Diamond will include the Charlie Brown Industrial Park and they plan to extend an outer road to the east.

“We will be looking to secure funding,” Adrian said. “A lot of it is timely and we have time for some of that.”

Grant funding experts attended the meeting to discuss funding options. Adrian said they entered a transport development district to help them get money for the project.

“We partner with Ralls, Hannibal and Palmyra in this neighborhood,” Adrian said. “What this district does is a tax district that the three entities will work together to help fund our projects on the part that we have to pay.”

Adrian said the group will spend the next two or three months researching funding options.

They don’t know yet how much this project will cost.

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