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Pathways gets a piece

Penticton City Council gave a small grant to the Pathways Addictions Resource Center, although it was far from what they had requested.

During deliberations on the 2022 budget on Tuesday, council approved $ 10,000 for the program to go towards 100 hours of counseling service for vulnerable people in the community.

The program has had a rough year, after Interior Health announced in the spring of 2021 that it was moving addiction counseling services in-house, giving Pathways notice starting May 31 that it would no longer receive the. provincial funding that represented 95 percent of its annual budget. budget.

They closed briefly but have since reopened on a fee-for-service model.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the board heard a request from the organization for funding of $ 344,000, to cover about 70 percent of their operating costs.

This was not the first time Pathways had come to council to ask for help with funding. In October, they proposed a special funding partnership with the city, which was rejected by city council over fears of setting a precedent whereby provincial responsibilities would be transferred to municipalities.

On Tuesday, some advisers reiterated the same concerns.

“We’ve all said how wonderful this is for the city, but it clearly falls within the mandate of the provincial government,” said Councilor Katie Robinson.

Com. James Miller supported additional funding, but without the appetites of most other board members, suggested a one-time grant of $ 10,000 as a compromise.

“If we’re going to fund festivals or whatever, shouldn’t our people come before the festivals?” He asked.

The motion was carried 4-3.


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