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The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) in collaboration with the New Nigeria Foundation (NNF) organized a workshop for national and international oil companies on the Host Community Development Trust (HCDT) aspect of Petroleum Industry Act (PIA).
The workshop marked Transitioning to the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA): A Step-by-Step Approach to Prepare Oil and Gas Companies for the Creation and Implementation of the Host Community Development Trust (HCDT), aimed at facilitating discussions and get practical information on how oil companies can carry out the PIA mandate effectively and efficiently.
In his opening remarks, PIND Executive Director Tunji Idowu noted that PIA’s mandate to create HCDTs for the benefit of host communities has been a game-changer for many players in the oil and gas industry, because it foreshadowed a radical departure from the current industry. Status quo. According to the PIA, oil operators, referred to as “settlors”, are required to pay an annual contribution based on 3% of their annual operating expenses to the Trust.
“While the mandate of the PIA is aimed at players in the petroleum industry, resolving the complexities surrounding the effective and efficient transition to the PIA requires the combined efforts, resources and capacities of broader stakeholders,” said Mr. Idowu while recognizing that the constituents previous experience and established governance systems of the management of various models of corporate social investment before the enactment of the PIA.
NNF Managing Director Professor Obafemi Ajibola in his comments underscored the need for oil industry stakeholders to understand the PIA prior to its implementation, stressing that “there are going to be a lot of definitions to be done. “.
Focusing on a series of presentations that proposed a sustainable and effective model for the implementation of the HCDT, the workshop presented the objectives and organizational model of the PIA and the financing and management of the funds of the HCDT, and dissected the issues. complexities around the transition to PIA such as requirements for implementation, possible implementation challenges and technical details around structuring and defining host communities. The workshop further generated strategies for identifying and involving stakeholders, composing relevant OHCHR Boards and instituting systematic grievance mechanisms.
Mr. Idowu, who anchored the final presentation, noted that PIND already has active experience in building the technical and institutional capacities of local civil society organizations (CSOs) and community organizations (CBOs) to deliver services. based on the needs of their constituencies; and supporting the implementation of initiatives under the Global Host Communities Memorandum of Understanding (GMOU) model of community engagement through needs assessment, livelihood initiatives and mechanisms for ” early warning and rapid response and complaints in case of grassroots conflict, which has enabled him to lead an extensive network of partnerships comprising of several experienced and dynamic organizations in the Niger Delta region that facilitate service delivery effective and efficient.
Noting that no single organization could address the complexities of transitioning to the HCDT era on its own, Mr. Idowu encouraged constituents to work with a broader stakeholder base to achieve results.
“We strongly believe that by building on the collective strengths and experiences of this workshop today, we will open up clear pathways and actions towards a smooth transition to the requirements of the PIA for the benefit of the settlers, the communities of the Delta. of Niger and local organizations like PIND and NNF with the mission of advancing sustainable economic development for communities in the Niger Delta region, ”he said.
The workshop, which combined in-person and virtual participation, brought together forty-three people, including representatives from national and international oil companies.

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