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Planetary Resource Recovery, Inc (OTCMKTS: PRRY)

SARASOTA, FL, USA, August 10, 2022 / — Planetary Resource Recovery (OTC: PRRY) recently acquired the intellectual property and tooling associated with the MAX Amphibious ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) product line ( The company is preparing to resume manufacturing MAX ATVs, which were originally manufactured by Recreational Industries Inc., between 1969 and 2013 in Buffalo, New York.

President Galen Reich said, “Our mission is to deliver extraordinary off-road mobility to the consumer and commercial markets by manufacturing all-terrain vehicles with unique design features that give them the exceptional ability to traverse impassable terrain to most other types of off-road vehicles. -On-Road Vehicles.” The company’s initial goal is to re-launch the MAX line of light utility/recreational off-road vehicles using proven designs to help rebuild the supply chain and gain faster acceptance in the market. he global ATV industry continues to grow at a rapid pace of over 1,010,000 units per year.

The company’s new MAX parts website will soon go live, which will firmly establish PRRY as the official supplier of genuine OEM MAX parts and accessories. The company believes this is a major step in re-launching the MAX brand as well as waking up customers; build, refine and establish a sales infrastructure; and ultimately become a major revenue generating department.

The company recognizes that sourcing production of proprietary MAX components before beginning vehicle manufacturing is crucial, as this will energize the supply chain and fuel the assembly line for new MAX vehicles that will enter production in 2023.

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About Planet Resource Recovery Inc.

PLANET RESOURCE RECOVERY, INC. (“PRRY”) is a Nevada-based company that recently acquired the intellectual property and tooling associated with the MAX ATV (all-terrain vehicle) product line and will begin manufacturing MAX ATVs (originally manufactured by Recreational Industries Inc. between 1970 and 2013) in New York State. The company’s management has a collective of over 56 years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, business management, e-commerce and finance, and the company’s president has served as the general manager of recreational industries for more than 20 years. PRRY will capitalize on the 52-year MAX brand heritage as well as the proven product design embedded in all the intellectual property developed over the decades and now exclusive to PRRY. The company will initially focus on building the MAX light utility/recreational all-terrain vehicle (ATV) product line from existing and proven designs, which will serve to rebuild the supply chain and regain acceptance more quickly in the global ATV set. market that continues to grow to more than 1,010,000 units per year. Once the supply infrastructure, assembly line and sales channels have all been reactivated and developed for the MAX ATV product line, PRRY has forward-looking plans to diversify its product portfolio by investing heavily in R&D. targeted to bring new pragmatic vehicles and accessories. to market in a compressed time frame.


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