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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The All Options Pregnancy Resource Center provides support to families with any pregnancy decision. It will help with abortion care and contraceptives, provide resources for adoption, or give diapers to those in need.

The organization says the City of Bloomington’s new reproductive health care grants will help provide care to more women in need.

Parker Dockray, the ‘All Options’ The executive director said, “We’re operating within the law in Indiana, so right now it’s the same as before the ban was passed. We can provide financial support to people, so we engage with the clinics where they have their appointments. We can sometimes provide extra money to help with things like gas.

The Bloomington-based group plans to apply for the new grants to help offset additional costs associated with abortions.

Bloomington City Attorney Beth Cate said, “State law dictates that funds controlled by state or local governments cannot be used to perform an abortion. We expect recipients to comply with applicable state, federal, and local laws in their use of these funds. »

The All Options team said they could use the extra funding for gas, bus tickets or even a hotel room if someone needed to travel for abortion care. Private donations would go towards the procedures.

“We’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support from individuals in Indiana and beyond who have donated to our knit abortion fund,” Dockray said. “So however we are allowed to use this money, we will use it.”

“All options” also helps those watching adoption or provides support through the diaper program to families in need.

“The demand for diapers is already increasing more and more. We see people struggling to put diapers on their kids and it causes a lot of related issues,” Dockray said. “If you can’t provide diapers for your kids, you can’t send them to daycare. It means you can’t go to work, it means you can’t earn money.

Abortion procedures remain legal in Indiana until January when the The Supreme Court will decide on cases challenging the near-total ban statewide. All Options said it was willing to help Hoosiers seek abortion care across state lines and could use those grants for travel expenses.


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