Pressure on companies to share COVID vaccine technology


Two influential institutional shareholder advisers have recommended backing Oxfam’s resolutions, with one acknowledging global demand for vaccine equity amid criticism over companies’ alleged prioritization of profits, as well as backing for a waiver temporary intellectual property rules at the World Trade Organization.

Moderna and Pfizer shareholder resolutions received nearly 30% support among independent shareholders. “We believe this high proportion of votes demonstrates that a significant number of Moderna and Pfizer shareholders recognize that the only sustainable way to end the pandemic is to leverage full global manufacturing capacity as quickly as possible. “Oxfam’s Robert Silverman said in a statement. Johnson & Johnson released the results of the resolution vote the following weekend and reported that 34% of shareholders supported Oxfam’s resolution.

Activists speak out

The three pharmaceutical companies held shareholder meetings on April 28, and on the same day civil society organizations and People’s Vaccine Alliance members held rallies and protests draw attention to the need to increase vaccine production. From Ireland to India, South Africa to England, activists have taken to the streets to call on these companies to share technology.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, activists marched down Main Street to Moderna’s headquarters chanting “Moderna! What the hell? Do your part and share the technology!


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