Prime Minister of Tasmania – Investing in Recycling and Resource Recovery in Tasmania


November 12, 2022

Roger Jaensch, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is investing heavily in our resource recovery sector and encouraging the development of a circular economy.

During National Recycling Week, we highlight the historic recycling and resource recovery reforms underway in Tasmania.

Our government is changing the way Tasmania views waste that used to be buried in the ground, now viewing it as a resource that can be reused in the productive economy.

Our government acts by:

  • providing $3 million to the Dulverton Waste Management Authority to upgrade the existing open-air composting system to a fully controlled closed system;
  • providing $3 million to Barwick’s to establish a regional organic waste treatment facility in southern Tasmania;
  • committing up to $3 million to partner with industry to develop a rubber crumbling plant to process used tires in Tasmania, recently opening expressions of interest for this grant scheme;
  • help King Island, Flinders Island and West Coast councils improve recycling infrastructure and services by matching federal funding of $870,000 through the Remote/Regional Recycling Modernization Fund;
  • $5.5 million in federal funding, along with private investment, to build Tasmania’s plastics recycling capacity; and
  • Additionally, we will soon be releasing a round of targeted plastics recycling grants to fill the void left by Envorinex, and I look forward to hearing more about that in due course.

Importantly, in the future, such investments will be made using funds raised through the landfill tax, ensuring that those who generate the waste contribute to recycling and reprocessing solutions to the coming.

In addition to our significant infrastructure investments, we continue to advance the establishment of a container refund program, now known as Recycle Rewards, which is a key initiative of this government that will reduce waste and will increase recycling in Tasmania.

Growing our circular economy is a priority for our government and these initiatives will play an important role in reducing our waste and emissions, improving our environment and creating jobs for Tasmanians.

Additional information is available on the Department’s website:

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