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A revamped $ 40 million land resource subsidy program with additional ongoing funding will improve the productivity of Queensland’s land resources while supporting regional jobs.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart said the new natural resource recovery program would create jobs, increase the state’s natural resource potential and promote economic benefits in regional communities.

“Queensland’s natural land resources contribute significantly to our agriculture, resource and tourism industries,” said Mr. Stewart.

“Funding will go to regional delivery organizations to develop and implement projects that contribute to the state’s soil and vegetation values ​​and demonstrate sustainable economic productivity of the land.

“We want to ensure that our natural resources are maintained for the sustainable growth of the industry, now and in the future. “

The program builds on the success of the Natural Resources Investment Program (PNIR), but with a renewed focus on sustainable lands and regional economic prosperity.

Under NRIP, great successes have been achieved through best management practice projects that have reduced grazing pressure, improved land cover and increased soil stability by investing in initiatives such as the spelling of the rainy season and the construction of water points.

Each year, up to $ 10 million of committed funds will be made available to Queensland’s natural resource management organizations, with the ability for other groups to work collaboratively on projects.

Mr. Stewart said ensuring continued funding for the program would give regional organizations the certainty they need to deliver long-term projects.

“We know from experience that funding community groups to enhance our natural assets delivers tangible environmental and economic results in our regional communities,” he said.

“For every dollar we’ve invested in our previous NRIP programs, we’ve seen more than four dollars invested by others.

“The delivery organizations and community groups we have worked with in our previous programs have supported over 330 jobs located in 33 offices across the Queensland region.

“The new program will allow increased investments and better results for our regions.

Funding requests for the new program are expected to open in the first half of 2022.


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