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— Raleigh is creating hundreds of new affordable housing options, but it’s still not enough to meet the demand.

Gas, groceries and rent.

Prices are skyrocketing for just about everything, making it harder to buy the essentials.

It’s not lost on Levelle Moton, a Raleigh native and NCCU basketball coach.

“The basic concept of having a roof over your head that you can afford and not looking over your shoulder. Not knowing if a landlord or someone is going to put a sign on your door saying that you’re late,” Moton said. “That should never happen, should it?”

Last year, Moton partnered with the City of Raleigh to transform its former neighborhood into a hub for equitable living.

Moton said developers are securing the financing to begin building a 17-home development on Lane Street.

They will be available to people who earn between 50 and 80 percent of the region’s median income.

“I hope it can serve as a template and model not just for other plots and sites throughout the city, but across the state of North Carolina,” Moton said.

Since 2016, the City of Raleigh has created 2,872 affordable housing units. Another 544 are expected to go live this year.

The city’s goal is to have 5,700 by 2026.

Moton said he was grateful for the chance to help a community that has played such a big part in his life.

“It’s come full circle. I’m extremely blessed for this,” Moton said. “Sometimes I’m left speechless trying to find the right words to communicate this.”

The City of Raleigh is hosting a signing for Coach Moton on Saturday. Authorities will unveil a statue in his honor at 913 East Lane Street.


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