Resource Officer Honored for Lifesaving Efforts by ACOVSD Board of Directors


Mike Parker stands alongside Mark Brewer (right) as he proudly displays his award. (Photo by Ashley McCarty)

By Ashley McCarty

defender of the people

At their Jan. 24 meeting, the Adams County Ohio Valley School District praised one of its resource officers for his rescue efforts, discussed a troublesome bill, and fund recovery.

A motion by Board Member Rick Davis to approve the agenda as presented was seconded by Board Member Robin Lucas, the Board accepted.

A motion from Council Member Gay Lynn Shipley to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of December 13, 2021, the business session/special meeting of December 20, 2021 and the minutes of the organizational meeting of December 4, 2021. January 2022 was seconded by Board Member Tiffany DeMint, the Board accepted.

“This is in recognition of our School Safety Officer (SRO) Mark Brewer who is assigned to the Peebles attendance area. I have an award for him tonight made by our CTC students and the welding and carpentry program staff. On the morning of Nov. 30, 2021, around 8:30 a.m., Brewer was parked at Elementary Drop-off Point. Brewer helped a parent open their vehicle doors, a small child got out and walked around Brewer in the parking lot. A second student came out and stood on the sidewalk behind him. When Brewer closed the door, he noticed the first small child passing under the vehicle. He was ¾ of the way under the vehicle, and when the vehicle started to move away, Brewer acted very quickly. Thanks to Brewer’s quick reaction and due diligence, with no personal regard for his own safety, he reached down, grabbed the child and drugged him just in time before the right rear tire hit the ‘child. Mark, on behalf of the Ohio Valley School District and all School Resource Officers, for your heroic actions, I would like to present you with a lifesaving award,” said SRO Mike Parker. The student had no injuries.

“Someone put me there at that time for some reason,” Brewer said.

A motion by Davis to approve the report and treasurer’s business was seconded by DeMint, the board agreed.

“We had the board finance committee meeting last week and we went through the financial statements. We are at 50% of the year and we are still on track to meet our expectations. The Ministry of Education has finally rolled out its first attempt at software to implement the fair funding model. There will be three or four revisions of the software because of the bugs they found. It was to be expected. Again, we have several generous members of the community who have made significant donations to buildings for different projects they have underway. We also have our normal mid-year transfers to the General Fund for CTC Operations and to pay for the HB 264 debt project from which we retrofitted energy saving devices several years ago,” said Treasurer Brian Switzer.

“You heard me talking about the voucher/backpack bill. Currently, a lawsuit has been filed by several school districts in the state. Stay tuned,” Superintendent Rich Seas said.

One concerning bill is HB 126. Switzer explained the bill’s concerns.

“For several years Ohio law had created what they called the Board of Revisions. Whenever a property owner wanted to challenge the value of taxes on their property, they filed a case with the Board of Review. The law then allowed the local school district – which was primarily affected – to accept the challenge or refute it. HB 126 severely limits the ability of school districts to refute it. As a board, you won’t be able to protect the tax base that citizens have approved for you,” Switzer said. The bill also eliminates payments in lieu of.

Typically, the district has three to five challenges per tax year.

A motion by council chairman Charlie Bess to approve the 2022/23 school calendar was seconded by Lucas, the council accepted.

“Excess costs allow us to recover funds from other Ohio districts if a student is eligible for special education services and is either enrolled at opening or placed in foster care. I try to get every penny back. Based on the calculations we submitted, that’s over $226,541.34 that we’re going to recover,” said Exceptional Education Director Tracy Spires.

A motion by Bess to go into executive session was seconded by Davis, the board agreed.

After the executive session, the board completed other agenda items.

A motion to adjourn from DeMint was seconded by Lucas, the board accepted.

Minutes will be approved at the next meeting, subject to revisions. The next meeting will be February 28, 2022 at 6 p.m.


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