ReverseAds Obtains Funding from Choco Up, Revenue-Based Funding


ReverseAd Keyword Advertising Platforms raises US$600,000 from Choco Up to help support company expansion, product development and talent acquisition

Choco Up, one of Asia’s leading revenue-based ffunding and growth platform, announced its US$600,000 funding partnership with leading keyword advertising technology start-up, ReverseAds. Thanks to funding from Choco Up, ReverseAds will accelerate its business growth in APAC, Europe and the United States, including opening the company’s first office in Australia, intensifying research into product development and expanding the team to support its accelerated growth.

The funding will also lead to the integration of blockchain technology into the ReverseAds App ecosystem. As a privacy-focused keyword advertising platform, ReverseAds uses blockchain to validate that each click comes from genuine potential purchasers of customers’ products or services, without collecting or storing personally identifiable information (PII). Blockchain integration with the ReverseAds ecosystem helps clients ensure compliance with key data privacy regulations as it enables them to run targeted and accurate ad campaigns while collecting and storing zero PII from internet users during the process.

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In the wake of the phasing out of third-party cookies due to growing consumer demand for privacy, the $350 billion+ digital advertising industry is looking for a way to keep it going. deliver relevant ads at scale. ReverseAds is able to fill this gap as it is the first real alternative to traditional search ads, directly competing with Google on a keyword-by-keyword basis.

Using big data, AI and predictive modeling, its cookieless solution helps brands deliver intuitive ads based on campaign-level engagement tied to keyword intent. The company does not collect or store any consumer PII and complies with all evolving data protection regulations, including GDPR, PDPA, CASL and CCPA. Based in Singapore, ReverseAds employs staff from 27 countries, with offices in Phuket, Bangkok, Canada and the United States. Over the past year, its monthly revenue has increased by 500% and its year-over-year growth exceeded 260% from 2020 to 2021. The platform is an evolution of keyword advertising that helps identify a buyer’s journey after research. It offers clients a diverse roadmap of opportunities at a “below the surface” search level compared to Google Ads, which are linear in nature and have only one opportunity to drive a click and ultimately a conversion .

Using ReverseAds’ attribution algorithm, businesses can identify user keywords based on searches, clicks, likes, followings, and past purchases, all within GDPR, CASL, and CCPA guidelines. Such data is called “unstructured data”, which represents 80% of all data. However, this data is currently not used by search ads, leaving a large amount of data untapped. The Reverse Ads platform leverages this unstructured data and makes every data point valuable by making it appear. “Unstructured Data” means any numerical identifier that creates similarity in action or behavior; for example, a Wi-Fi router, device, or Internet Protocol (IP) address. This data is completely anonymized, containing no Internet user PII.

Once the unstructured data is integrated, it identifies when a user on the considered purchase path has landed on a site within their networks and serves them an advertisement. ReverseAds then analyzes anonymized search data to predict where consumers will go next, enhancing search campaigns with highly targeted ads delivered in real time, with better chances of conversion.

In one case, ReverseAds was able to increase user traffic by 1900% and clicks by 237% for a BMW location in Canada. The partnership has resulted in a 22% increase in 90-day test drives and 120 more new car sales than other Canadian BMW dealerships.

ReverseAds won several industry awards in 2021: Tech In Asia Startup Pitch, Spark Ignite Thailand Startup Competition, Spark Ignite Global Startup Competition, TusPark WHA JumpStart China, and SLINGSHOT 2021 Frontier Digital Technology Industry Award.

“Choco Up’s mission and vision is to help startups scale and grow by providing a better and more flexible funding solution. Our investment has enabled ReverseAds to acquire additional capital for growth without losing any capital. As a result, they can continue to grow the business and improve their metrics, while we invest in a startup with immense growth potential,” said Percy Hung, co-founder and CEO of Choco Up.

“We are grateful for the support of Choco Up, which will go a long way in furthering our expansion in the APAC region, allowing us to open an office in Australia and bring our unique offerings to a new market. This will allow us to accelerate product development and expand our R&D team to better serve our growing customer base,” said Michael Hahn, CEO and Founder of ReverseAds.

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