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Looking for a new place to go out in El Paso? Here’s the latest on new restaurants, restaurant-related events, and other local happenings.

Rubiks East opens with a fun vibe

Rubiks, a fun arcade bar on the west side, has expanded with a location on the east side.

Rubiks East opened on September 3 and is located at 9910 Montana Ave., in a former Taco Tote location. The spot includes a small lounge area with tables and booths, a flashy dance floor, a bar, and several game rooms.

Food options range from pizza, chicken wings and tenderloins to loaded fries and quesadillas. Garbage Pail Nachos, $14, are a fun and tasty choice to share. The waiter comes with a large can and then proceeds to dump the nachos onto a metal tray. Ingredients, from your favorite protein, homemade queso, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado sauce and sour cream, fall where they can.

Opening hours: 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday to Friday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday to Sunday. Kid friendly until 9 p.m.

Viejo Coffee moves from downtown to Kern Place

The popular cafe, known for offering cold coffee in a bag, moved from downtown for a short time and is now located at 2519 N. Stanton St.

The company prides itself on using organic, fair trade coffee and plant-based plastics.

After:Coffee in a bag: Viejo Coffee pops up in downtown El Paso with a brick-and-mortar store

El Paso Restaurants Offer Vegan Dishes

More than 14 companies participate in a Vegan Chef Challenge. Current participants are: One Grub Community Center, Taco Shop, The Pizza Joint, Cinnaholic, Ruli’s International Kitchen, Savage Goods, Lick it Up, Tia Mama’s Gourmet Pizza, Ohlee’s Sweets and Eats, Dom’s Vegan, Bolton Bakes and El Paso Community College Restaurant Thirteen09.

The month-long challenge gives restaurants a chance to showcase vegan menu items. The event is organized by the animal rights organization Vegan Outreach.

Residents of El Paso can take the challenge to eat healthier by signing up to for 10 weeks for vegan, a free online guided challenge where people will receive weekly emails with tips and resources.

Celebrate Downtown Restaurant Week

The Downtown El Paso Management District will coordinate Downtown Restaurant Week September 23-30.

Participating restaurants, including Cheezus and 1700 Steakhouse, will offer special dishes, prizes or exclusives designed to leave an impression. Look for great portions for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Customers can find participating restaurants online at Downtown Restaurant Week at

El Paso Sonic Crews Go Competitive

Congratulations to the Sonic Restaurant teams on Vista del Sol Drive, Socorro Road, Trawood Drive and North Zaragoza Road.

Drive-in teams from El Paso qualify for the final 12 teams of the Dr Pepper Sonic Games 2022. To make it the final, the teams had to work together through a series of trainings, quizzes and consolidation challenges team over a period of nine months.

To celebrate, the franchise donated $50,000 per location for a total of $200,000 to support local schools in El Paso and directly fund classroom projects submitted by local public school teachers, in partnership with l nonprofit education Sixty teachers from the El Paso area received funding for 77 projects.

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