Savic Motorcycles offers new color options and a new clothing line


Newcomer Savic is introducing a few items for 2022. The company recently received funding from multiple sources, a few of which include the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center (AMGC) and the Victorian government.

So to do good with a large sum of money, Savic must do well to please its investors, some of whom are pushing for the proliferation of their electric motorcycles on the market. A few delays kept the company from delivering earlier, but it’s better late than never, right? After all, the delays were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was inevitable.

Anyway, the investment now allows the brand to deliver its first motorcycles. The company says it will be able to deliver 20 motorcycles in the last quarter of 2022, with full production slated for 2023.

The only series in the lineup at the moment is the C series, and it will have a few trims under its belt with varying power levels. The Delta C-Series will start at AUD 19,990, or roughly $ 14,000 for us, while the more powerful and exciting 60kW model, the Alpha, will cost AUD 26,990, or roughly $ 19,000. USD for you and me.

Savic motorcycle configurator
Clothing line for Savic motorcycles

There is now a configurator on the brand’s website. Go ahead and customize the bike to your specs, and you also have a few new colors to choose from, like silver, matte black, and radiated aluminum, a special color that costs an additional AUD $ 2,000 (around 1,400 $ USD). In addition to that, you can also configure the color of the badges, the upholstery of the seats as well as the suspension system. There is also a Wilbers upgrade that will set you back $ 3,500 AUD ($ 2,500 USD).

On top of all this jazz, the company also announced a new product line, which will be labeled “ethical streetwear” and will be sold as “Savic Clothing”.

The clothing line will include t-shirts, beanies, hoodies and sweatshirts which are all made from environmentally friendly materials and shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.


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